User Experience Metrics

Небольшая статья на UXMatters по поводу выбора правильных UX метрик, в которой приводится перечень именно юиксовых кипиашек. Дублирую таблички из статьи.

Comparison of marketing and usability metrics

Marketing Metrics User Experience Metrics
Conversion rate (site, campaign, social) Task success rate
Cost per conversion (CPC) Perceived success
Visits to purchase Time on task
Share of search Use of search or navigation
Net Promoter Score (NPS) Ease of use rating, or SUS
Pageviews Data entry
Bounce rate Error rate
Clicks Back-button usage

Examples of three categories of UX metrics

Usability Engagement Conversion
Time on task Attention minutes Micro-conversion count
Task success Happiness rating Brand attribute
Perceived success Flow state Conversion rate
Confusion moment Total time reading Likelihood to recommend, or NPS
Cue recognition First impression Trust rating
Menu/navigation use Categories explored Likelihood to take action